rowan tree blossom

JUNE 2024

Until my friend get her house cleared and sold and herself installed safely in the local retirement village I can't get time for writing. Alzheimer's is such a cruel disease and is so hard for my once clever and lively friend to bear. Her family have been reluctant to acknowledge what is happening and I have had to take over my friend's life. She can't handle bills or banking and forgets so quickly. She's not allowed to drive so I'm chauffeur and support as well as key holder and panic-quosher. I shall be so pleased when she's safe in her new home.

Bits of stories are being added to the Holy Hell and Gentle Tales from Old Japan short story collections in my Atticus files – I love Atticus - and I can read at night. But I long for a good morning's work. And I wish that this website would behave. I am constantly frustrated by the failure of the updates I write to transfer from Dreamweaver to the website. I've wasted a whole evening trying to update and I am cross!!!



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