rowan tree blossom


Summer is a comin' in - I heard the shining cuckoo. Hurray!. And sunny weather has been tempting me to work under the verandah. Alas the neighbour's yappy little dog won't shut its yappy little mouth. My lovely big dog doesn't bark or yap. He's well trained. It'd hard trying to sit outside and relax with constant yapping as the yapper stalks the fence. I'm tempted to buy them a yap strap and teach them how to train their yapping monster.

What should have been the end of the church affair has, alas, been stirred up again. It seems that a mediation agreement is not to be followed if something can be manufactured and/or produced to 'prove' that I've broken it. Sigh! I just want to get on with writing. I've a novel or two needing to be written.

More short stories off to editors, some short stories returned from editors. Frustrating these days. However once the Beta readers have checked the stories again they will be edited again and off to other editors. Some will go into ebook form as giveaways for my readers.

Meanwhile it's time to stop the general reading and get into deep research for the novel I'm itching to write.





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