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The short stories published in the short story collections, and as single shorts, have all been previously published in print magazines and zines and/or podcast. They range in genre and there are SF, Fantasy, ghost, mainstream contemporary and my favourite historical stories. Some have been prize winners, some runners up, but they all took a great deal of time and effort to write where every word has to count and carry the weight of the story. I find novels easier to write. Reviews are at each story's website, too many to squeeze on this page.

The first two collections, 'Women Waking Up', and 'Blokes Muddling Through', have been updated with additional front and back information. I'm thinking of new covers too but I hate to lose the originals which I think summed up the stories inside them. I'm giving each collection its own page at

'Tales From Old Japan', a collection of Japanese Mediaeval stories is popular. Seems a lot of people like Edo period Japan as well as I do. I plan to perfect a few more before launching into the new novel. The lovely new cover really fits the stories and my Beta readers all gave it 10 out of 10. Indeed the cover has been awarded a bronze medal in a cover competition.

I'm also busy with the HolyHell collection and the Librarian collection adding stories when I get a crazy idea. Using the Atticus writing programme has really helped get them going and formatted.

Amazon now allow me to put my stories in a series. I have made three series pages at Amazon so far, one for the Japanese stories, one for historical stories and one for the more sweet and sentimental easy read stories. It should help my readers know what sort of stories they are.

Thank you to all the readers who downloaded my short stories. Enjoy them.

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