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Welcome to my website. Please browse my website and follow the progress of our writers' co-operative experiment with digital publishing. Or just enjoy following the ups and downs of a writer's life.

Do you enjoy reading historical novels? Check out mine. Just click on a title cover to read about them. Click again to buy one.

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Writing and teaching, that's my life. If you would like to learn more about my teaching, the writing classes, and writing tutorials, please follow the links in the menu. And writers living in or visiting New Zealand are welcome to visit me in my quiet home in Otago's Victorian and Steam Punk capital, Oamaru. Enjoy your time at my website and please click on the links or use the menu to browse your area of interest. You are welcome.

The Historical Novel Association of Australasia has its conference in October - October 25th to 27th in Sydney. I've been part of the PR team tweeting away every Tuesday and have booked my B'n'B and finally sorted out how to travel from the airport to the university where the conference is held. It should be a great break and invigorate me enough to find the energy to write another novel. It's always a boost to a writer to mix with other writers in a speciliast conference.

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