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You don’t expect a vicar, I mean an actual Anglican vicar, to be a neighbour from hell. The idea makes most people laugh. It doesn’t for me though. You see not only was she  - and yes, she was a female vicar – a disgrace to any church or Christian community, she really was a nasty demon of a neighbour if you denied her what she wanted, as my dear friend, Zoe, found out.


We'd needed a new vicar and we'd let the bishop persuade us to take her. Fatal error. We’d let someone I came to call devil’s spawn, our grubby tawdry Audrey in her charity shop discards, we’d let her in to destroy our lovely parish. The moment she had been confirmed our vicar she began. Suddenly our vicar Audrey, who had great difficulty talking and socialising with most of her parishioners, began singling out some of those who had not been important before as far as being involved  in running the church. She was clever, used a divide and conquer attack which created cracks and then splits and finally bitter factions. How true it is that the head of a community sets the tone and style for that community. Where once we’d tried to be a loving, tolerant and kind fellowship, now it was her people against the rest of the parishioners. I wasn’t the only person to weep over the empty church and lost souls who now worshipped elsewhere.