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My writer's C.V. includes sales of over a hundred short stories to magazines, zines, soundzines and literary journals around the world. In the U.K. my popular fiction has sold to 'The People's Friend', 'My Weekly', 'Woman's Weekly,' and the literary stories sold in Canada, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Europe, to 'The Atlantic Review', 'Solander', 'Stand', 'QWF', 'Peninsular', 'Bound Off', 'Sniplits', too many to name them all here. Recently 'Thrilling Tales' have taken a series of Mediaeval Japanese short stories which I'm planning to e-book later. I've also sold stories to other sound zines/podcast markets, and I'm putting together some prose/comic stories which is a challenge but graphic stories are now able to be made into ebooks and videos, which will increase my available work on Youtube. I read and review chiefly at and

My novels, anthologies and single short stories are available in bookshops and online and my novels and short stories are available at Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords in e-book form. Local TV made a film of the last book launch and a Youtube book trailer is up at

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As a member of Writer's Choice publishing cooperative I enjoy the support of my writer colleagues in making my novels and stories quality fiction. We work together improving and editing our books. We help each other write better books. In our first year we each launched an historical novel, and the three books did very well. In our second year as the Writer's Choice Writers' Co-operative again we had competition and sales successes. Our third year was a repetition of the success of the previous years. We have had another winnner in our fourth year with 'Four Nails' and hope 'Bittersweet' will do well in its competition entries. Our fifth year sees the publication of a children's picture books and a lot of the Writer's Choice Shorts, previously published short stories. Two novels are in the pipe line. We feel that 7 novels published, with steady sales, is a pretty good record. With my colleagues' help I hope to continue putting out quality short stories and novels deserving of our quality fiction mark. Indies forever!

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