rowan tree blossom

APRIL 2021

Cheering reviews and sales for 'Wild Colonial Girl' coming through. I should feel really pleased but this church business is depressing. I gave the vicar and arch deacon a chance to talk to me at a public meeting and they called the police! To call their actions unchristian is too polite for what they are up to. And, shame on him, the bishop supports them. It's got the makings of some excellent horror stories. How about Hog Heaven for a title?

The email automation, the landing pages and giveaways are all in their places but I'm still wobbly on how to connect them. It doesn't make sense. And so non-creative just when I've a great children's story coming along, and Adam's stories to link up into that YA anthology as well as look at research for the new novel but I have to get that constant automatic marketing side going to sell my books.

Autumn pounced in with rain and storms but the colours of the leaves up the valley are worth a visit. I need a break to sit and enjoy the natural world and write a few poems. Otago is a very beautiful province and with the virus keeping every tourist in their own country there is space and quiet to enjoy the special places without distractions. With camera in hand and notebook and pencils I shall enjoy a break each weekend and to hell with the work, the problems, and those stories waiting to be written. Sometimes a clear head brings the best ideas together for a story.




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