rowan tree blossom

July 2017


July looks to be a busy month. There's the general election looming and we need to remind our MPs that Conservation, a living wage, more affordable houses and a decent attitude to immigration and jobs are not just necessary but vital. There's a local fuss on too as local families and conservationists want to preserve Cape Wanbrow from Roundup spraying, mad mountain bikers, and the destruction of new plantings of native trees and shrubs in areas the council designated in the area plan.

Writing has been fun. Flash fiction, and novel doodling. Then a great idea for a short story which is now in its first draft. The novel is stuck until I sort out a motive and plot hole. Subplots are easy this time, the main plot is stuck but my main character is nattering away, bless her. She is quite a lass! The short story is one of several I have in mind set in 17thC Japan.

The veg beds are supplying me with lovley fresh greens and sprouts and the lettuce boxes are full of a variety of big and small leaves. The fruit trees all settled down to winter and the frosts don't seem to be upsetting them. The wintersweet is yet to produce its scented flowers. It might not this year as it still has leaves.

To my joy the birds have finally come to feed. I have a hanging seed feeder by the window, I place seed on the fence tops, and I have been making those fat, seed, crumbs and grain balls which go into another feeder by the door. I have to use the fence tops, they all have nice wide flat capping on them, as there are too many cats about, even in my nice well fenced and protected yard. I have one of those sonic squealers which the birds don't mind but cats and rodents hate, but even than I am plagued by cats heading for my veg beds and planters. I have to use wire netting over everything.

It took the birds a long time to decide that I was harmless but the food on these frosty morning has them swarming now. I see the goldfinches, green finches, silver-eyes and chaffinches all swinging and pecking. The starlings fight and squabble and yell. The blackbirds are wary. It is good to see the birds in this area as there are few trees and not many birds about compared to the farm. They are so amusing and quite individual in character. I missed them as the farm was a paradise for bird watching.




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