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September 2018

I've lost count of the attempts I've made this month to get this website up to date. I use the Dreamweaver system to change the website and sometimes it won't publish from the Dreamweaver site to the website. Why? I dunno! It's the old me and technology thing as my IT family saying there's nothing wrong with the connections and me desperately trying to get the website up dated.

Today, after my IT experts have prodded and poked around I am able to upload everything except the new cover picture for Jacob's Justice. I find it all frustrating and could do without frustrations as I have enough right now watching the destruction of a parish congregation into unhappy and disrespectful factions

The novel is finally galloping along and I think I know where the characters are going. I've abandoned my careful plans yet again and done something I thought I'd never do. I've latched onto some of the truly awful things people do to each other which I wrote about as a couple articles for a Lifestyle farming magazine some years ago. I collected a number of horror stories about dreadful neighbours and wrote about things people could do to protect themselves from such activities. I don't why it is but being different in a farming community seems to set off some really disgraceful behaviour. Anyway I now have enough nasty events for my poor little lass to face and overcome, and I bet some reader will complain and say that 'Real people wouldn't do that.'

The Dorothy Dunnet short story is entered. Two more short stories are ready for e-books and I'm working hard at selling more Flash fiction. Reviews are coming in thanks to the Voracious Readers, all four and five star, which is marvellous. Tizzie and Bittersweet are looking good on their Amazon and Goodreads pages. I hope this new novel does as well.



































































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