rowan tree blossom

August 2017

This month is going to be just for writing. Or so I said on the 1st of the month. As it is it's turning into tradesman's month. The gas system regulator kept showing empty gas cylinders and the gas man kept swearing because they were not empty. The gas plumber swore there was nothing wrong with the regulator, but finally, reluctantly came and took all morning to decide it was at fa ult and a new one was needed. Then the washing machine flooded the laundry and garage. Another day wasted mopping up and drying everything out. Don't wet carpets smell musty fusty horrible? Now the heat pump needs expert help. Argh! And I have a sudden input of editing work to do which helps the budget but not my writing.

The short stories are off to their markets or competitions. I really enjoyed writing the 17thC Japanese ones. I do miss living in Japan from the historical point of view. They have so much history and historical customs and we have so little! The India trip is giving me the opening of one novel and the closing of another. I shall certainly try to get back to the real rural India again, like Japan, its history is thousands of years, not a couple of hundred.

Research has, as it always does, thrown up some fascinating sidelines for the Boer War novel, a whole new rethink, that's the fifth! But my 17th C Quaker girl is insistent on her story. Unfortunately I will have to go and learn something about making silver jewellery as she's making it. Now how or why I do not know but that's characters for you, they insist and it's no use arguing.

Spring must be on its way as my pots of daffodils are all out, all together and looking glorious. Usually when you plant bulbs in pots, not matter how carefully they are fed and sheltered and placed the same spot, some bloom first and others bloom later. This time I've got all the double-ruffled bright yellow blooms shouting at me, saying spring is coming.

Even the birds are getting ready for Spring. I've observed a few mating rituals and they are eating less seed. The weather is improving and walks round the Botanical Gardens are getting easier as my hip muscles grow in strength. I have a knee replacement operation coming up some time soon, so I must lose some of the weight I put on because of my hips rendering me immobile, and improve muscle strength.

As it's marketing month I am busy trying to sound marketing savvy, but my knowledge of Amazon algorithms, and analysis of my so-called rivals' books is lacking. And my blurbs need updating and renewing, as do my short blurbs, and reader pitches. My head reels with jargon, but I play along because, whilst I have no intention of 'marketing a product', which is, after all what 'your book is' - that is according to one marketing expert! - there are some useful suggestions this crafts person writer can use.








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