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September 2017

September has been allocated travel month. Won't get much writing done, I thought. The first weekend was to be an escape to the silence and stunning surroundings of Milford Sound as I enjoyed a weekend sailing in Fiordland National Park. The peace worked its magic. I now have the first four chapters of the new novel, hand written in pencil, in one of my Japanese notebooks. Writers should always carry notebooks and I love the stylish and visually stunning Japanese ones. I still have a collection of them brought back with me.

The novel is roaring along at the moment and the main character's voice sounds strongly in my ear. I hope it survives the trip to Australia and the HNS conference, but I anticipate lots of quiet time as I'm among a group of writers I do not know well. That limits catch up drinks and chatty meals.

Finished another 17thC Japanese short story and been indulging in Japanese food as a nostalgic prod to memories. The stories I have as e-books are slowly beginning to pick up in sales. That's a treat. I have another few hundred or more to get out there. And on the e-book front I've just finished setting up the October novels' sale. October 11th to the 17th. Here's hoping for a few more print sales as well as the e-books. All that research into Keywords and Categories might pay off!

My 17th C Quaker girl has fallen silent or rather I 'hear' just the occasional murmur from her. I've got to finish the Boer War Girl's story first, and it has all dropped into shape, whilst the ending is not clear, the motives and problems are. She knows I need more thoughtful research on the religious question, I think another Quaker online class is called for.

As for travel, it's Australia this week, for the HNS conference. That will be fun as I can catch up with old pals and my son's lot. And the weather will be warmer than here. Then it's home for a week and off again . I do like travelling.








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