rowan tree blossom


Argh! Where's our promised scorching summer? It's vanished under layers of Australian bushfire smoke, or climate change southerly gales which have thrashed my poor trees and my young veg plants. Certainly spoilt my body surfing in the bay as I hate swimming when it's not hot and calm.

I've made another list of things which must be done in 2020. Sadly most of it is from last year. Still, top of the list are several short stories which need formatting for e-books. I have a series of stories following a young man through his adventures as he grows up. I think that YA is a good market for them and a steadily improving market for writers. Now I’m coming to understand the dreaded technology needed to make book trailers and maybe even full videos I’ve got that on the list plus this podcasting lark. And so the list grows. Videos and book trailers all depend upon me having enough of my own photos to use. Near the top of my list then is taking good photos and getting people’s permission to use their picture in a book trailer. So far there’ve been no refusals.

The novel is being still slowly growing but the characters have gone off on another spree without me. and I'm trying to catch up with loads of whys and what ifs questions to sort them out back onto the final run of chapters. I do envy writers who plan in detail and whose characters behave according to plan.

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