rowan tree blossom

October 2017

'Then October adds a gale...' Well one might expect gales in October, equinox and all that, but we've had a heat wave. The weather has been marvellous, as though we have jumped into summer straight away. I had to leave my tomatoe, aubergine, and pepper seedlings to the tender care of my gardener as I deparated for Canada.

The novel is stuck as I try to work out an original, reader acceptable way of moving my heroine from her home. The writing was roaring along nicely and will again once I stop stalling over my plot, the main character's voice still sounds strongly in my ear. She's very young, been nicely spoilt and protected in the best way good families do for their children and each other, but is about to face a couple of life shattering events. I think she'll be strong enough to cope. If not, well that's her story and the novel too.

Leaving New Zealand's spring for Canada's autumn has been a good change. The leaves are a riot of colours, the elk and stags are bugling or bellowing, and the coyotes are out at night yipping and yapping. When they all get together the coyotes have a howl fest. Coyotes can't hold their howl like a wolf, so it lacks that spine thriller touch. Their howls break into a yap at the peak. I get up and go and see if I can spot them from the deck. My family sleep through and think Mum is mad to patter around in the cold. I am, but I get to see the northern stars, so different from mine, and on the prairies there is a wide horizon and so the stars are sprinkled like icing sugar across a sky tinted with a faint green glow of the northern lights. Magic!

I've got my Quaker study lined up so my Quaker girl is taking form. I can see I shall have to sit on her firmly to get Melissande's story finished. I love and all those lovely MOOC course from universities which are still free and full of wonderful information. I haven't met a dud course yet.

Australia was only a week but it was a good week. It is hard when one's family live across an ocean or two. I don't get to see them often but this year I've caught up with both lots. Lovely.








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