rowan tree blossom


Thank goodness this year is staggering to its much wished for end. It's been a shocking year for the country and for myself.

Having now tried to get through to the Bishop I now see how the paedophiles, both vicars and teachers at Dilworth school - an Anglican establishment- could operate for so long despite the efforts of the boys and their parents.

Rule number one - How dare any one criticise a vicar or the bishop.

Well, pardon me, Bishop but who is it who provides the money which pays your salary and the vicar's and keeps the church running?

Rule number two - all parishioners are stupid and can be ignored.

So when they complain of indecencies or any other behaviour which is listed on the Anglican Church webpages as 'improper' for members of the church that is why those canons of the church are suddenly not important and may be ignored.

Rule number three - Ignore all letters, spoken complaints or anything which might upset the smooth running of the diocese. After all vicars and bishops are God's representatives and can do no wrong.

Which rule is engraven upon our bishop's heart. He was upset that I brought a plea from other parishioners - how dare parishioners dare to demand the removal of our most unchristian vicar.

Members of the parish are so distressed and fed up that they are holding their own meeting to decide what to do with the so-called vicar. Top of the list is an apology to me for her premediated, pre-planned and unchristian behaviour. Then there’s quite a list of requests from them all.

Spring has definitely decided to play hide and seek. It’s 18 degrees today. Snow is promised from that sneaky Antarctic southerly tomorrow. The tommies, peppers, aubergines, and courgettes are at the planting out stage but will stay in the little greenhouse. The early potatoes are up and safe in their compost sacks. The apricot, nectarine, peach and plum trees have all set fruit. The trellis windbreaks have saved a lot of their fruitlets even though we’ve had shocking wind gusts roaring in out of nowhere. But the light evenings and playing the cornet - I can now manage to play several hymn tunes with band - keep me smiling. It's a marvellous thing to make music and I have missed singing in the church choir.

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