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Happy New Year is traditional I suppose but really...! Perhaps we should be saying Take Care in the New Year. Certainly we've had to watch out for ourselves and each other far more than we usually do and that's been better for community spirit.

The novel – ‘Wild Colonial Girl’ - is still with the proof editor. The cover’s a delight and I’ve had Beta reader approval so far. ‘Nice cheerful read’ is the main nub of their comments. It’s more of a romance than anything I’ve written before according to the Booxby analysis. This is a neat website where a computer programme runs your text in comparison with a huge number of other books and tells you where it fits in style and tone. I was surprised to learn that I had a strong romance style in ‘Wild Colonial Girl’ which has not shown up in the analysis of any of my other novels. But it’s a help to know as I can market it as a sweet romance as well as being a serious historical novel.

Short stories are being niggled and jiggled into being ready for ebook form. I’ve collected a pile of rough drafts of stories which need time to develop and which now must be developed or destroyed. My poetry has gone to nonsense verse as I write entries for the ridiculous Wergle Flop contest. It’s fun to make nonsense feel ‘complete and whole.

It was hard to write well last year with all the nastiness going on in my local church. The lack of community spirit or even Christian spirit in the Anglican churches in my diocese has appalled so many parishioners. There’s at least one more church with the parishioners in distress. The canon – rules – clearly state that we take our concerns to our bishop! Oh yes? Our bishop has been in receipt of written and verbal complaints about our so-called vicar. Vicar? Really, we wonder where she was trained and if she did indeed receive proper religious  training for the ministry. Nothing has been done and our parish is reduced to a handful. The bishop insists on supporting her despite the parishioners’ howls for her removal and I am still banned and trespassed from my church. Despite demands for an actual reason for the ban, apart from the fact that the ‘vicar’ hates me, we do not know what she’s playing at. She operates on the children’s playground level of ‘I don’t like you and won’t play with you.’ which has truly wrecked our parish as she’s played one off against another and emptied the church. So sad. One can understand, seeing the lack of leadership and decision making in our diocese, how the incidents at Dilworth school were allowed to go on until the boys were adults and could go to the police. Not a good start to the year to have to cope with more slanders and lies from the ‘vicar’ and her little clique. In a small community such slanders cause me problems.

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