rowan tree blossom


What a hideous year this has been. That sneaky virus and all those stupid people believing the Conspiracy theories, not protecting themselves, and then causing others to be ill. People around me here in Otago are still saying it’s nothing, because we’ve not had an acknowledged case in our area. People laugh at my face mask and shrug the idea of the pandemic as nothing to do with them. I don’t know what news they get but the rubbish poured out on at least 2 of the radio news stations – as opposed to the national radio – are full of negative complaints and being pro conservative they undermine all the hard work this Labour government is doing with outright lies which they never correct even if they’re told to. Sounds like a certain idiot president or two doesn’t it?

No hope now of getting to the Iceland writers’  conference next year. I'd been so looking forward to finally getting there. But there appears to be a more fierce second wave of the virus world wide and we have problems with a Pacific Island preacher and pals who are conspiracy believers and have caused our Auckland 2nd wave outbreak. At times like this I firmly declare that I’m a Martian as being linked to all this human stupidity is infuriating.

Meeting with the bishop was sad. There was such a disconnect between who I am and who he’s been told I am and, of course, wants to believe. After all it’s easier to see me as the problem rather than accept the fact that his vicar is a liar, organised that second attack on me, has used church money to pay her electricity bill, and has caused sufficient distress by her unchristian behaviour so that a noticeable number of upset parishioners have written or spoken to him and complained of her bad behaviour. I’d hoped for a simple apology that such a thing had happened in one of his churches and what could we do about it? What I got was a barrage of pressure and complaints, and an insistence that the police should deal with the attacks although he knows they won’t because the vicar lied to the police and that fool sergeant believes that ‘Vicars don’t lie.’
No apology or distress that such a thing should happen and no acceptance that a vicar is responsible for what happens during a public service in a church open to the public.

The ‘Tales from Japan’ anthology is still slowly making sales but no reviews yet. Readers rely on reviews to choose a book but are reluctant to write them. I’m still working on the Amazon book pages as the darned website keeps refusing to save the details. Editors found for proof reading the novel, it’s just a matter of raising the money which is a huge amount. PR and tech work has slowed down as I’ve got stories bubbling away. They need a first draft written.

Spring has definitely sprung but the weather is tricky. At least the main vegetable seeds are planted and the strawberries are growing nicely. The early potatoes are about to go into their grow bags and the last of the cauliflowers are being turned into cauliflower rice and frozen. No matter how carefully I plant out my seedlings they still all produced at once. The purple cauliflowers were a pleasant change, and I found their flavour milder, cooking them didn’t leave a strong brassica smell all over the house. The apricot, nectarine, peach and plum trees have all blossomed and look to have set a good crop. Of course there’s always gales and frost to spoil that but the blossom has been heart cheering. Something we all need in this crazy year.


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