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January 2018

Happy New Year, may it bring peace and tranquillity to all the world. I'm praying hard for this wish as that idiot Trump and those equally stupid North Koreans are shattering every person's peace. I lived through the cold war. I don't want to live through another round of almost nuclear disasters.

Had a great burst of Tizzie sales over Christmas which was a pleasant event! I am struggling to get the readers of Bittersweet - the people I know -to write reviews. Without more reviews Bittersweet is not going to sell well. I wish all readers knew how important reviews are for a writer these days. We all chose our ebooks with an eye to reviews. Obviously, we think, this book has lots of good reviews and star ratings must be better than this ebook with only 2 reviews and star ratings.

This new knee is still playing up. The antibiotic pills helped fight the infection but not the swelling. I have my doctors saying 'Rest, rest more.', but the knee stiffens up then and the physiotherapists say 'Do more exercise.' !

Missed on the Arts Council Grant and also the Iceland Writers' Retreat. Too old I think was the correct guess as the recipients are all sweet young things. The Arts Council grants are a disgrace. New Zealand is so small that things get a little inbred and it's who you know and who is advising whom. I am reliably told that grants go to the NZSA supported members or specials. when it comes to writers. And of course you mustn't be an Indie author. You must write 'great New Zealand 'literahry' literature. Sigh!

The novel plods along, the characters behaving their way, and I'm trying to keep up. The plot research keeps tripping me up. I find this every novel writing time. I always believe I have done all the research I need and then find something different crops up. And there's always one research source which disappears when I need it most.

What a summer we are having. Glorious hot weather, then fierce storms then back to heat waves. I miss the steady old Otago summers. Wonderful veg though and a good crop of tomatoes ripening up, Everything is so early. My autumn raspberries are nearly over. But it is great to be able to spend time at the beach, watch the dolphins, and relax a little. I am now allowed to drive as my knee can cope with the pedals. Good to get out again.

Short stories are waiting to be written. I've a children's one half thought out and the Stick man ones all roughed out. The nasty family ones I'm going to do after the first draft of the novel is completed and with my first readers. I just wish I had more time to write and someone else to do the living stuff. Male writers often have wives for this. I need one too.































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