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August 2018

As I have several new readers lining up to be Beta readers for the new novel I have to get it finished. Oh, but it is hard to get through the middle of a novel with a voice in my head demanding I start another novel because I have this 'wonderful' idea and the current one is no good etc etc. We writers are always insecure but my mother spent most of her life putting me down so I get a double load of doubts. I spent a great day doing practical research in the first town my heroine lives in New Zealand. It is a charming place and the weather was mild and sunny so I came home with some good photos and am using them as inspiration to get me through to the final chapters. The middle novel sag is really getting to me this time. Must be the winter blues. I need more sun.

Bridging the gap at church has been fraught. A lot of sound and fury and a lot of quiet support and a little noisy condemnation. One coward, who dare not speak to me, jumped up in the Sunday service and said he couldn't have communion with me there. I was not the only one who found that rather amusing considering his past history. However there has been a stay of action and the pews are still intact. Most revealing were several sub plots and hidden agendas which popped up at the meeting so we are having to watch carefully that we don't get an overnight mob with chain saws.

Short stories in the form of flash fiction are still out with editors, and a new one rewritten yet again for the Dorothy Dunnet competition. I never get them right the first time and have to craft a story carefully until its proper shape is revealed. A children's historical is being considered at Cricket and I've finally found a file of stories I had lost and want to put out as a YA anthology. My IT clever family are e-formatting some of the People's Friend stories which do sell well in e format. I am finding that making myself do many short plots is winding up the creative side of the brain again. All to the good as I have to finish Melisande's tale!

































































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