rowan tree blossom


The new computer is still a pain. It keeps trying to think for me and never gets it right. And I have yet to cure it of waving silly notes at me. I know where I am and what I'm doing without Microsoft butting in. I keep trying to turn things off but I can't find where to do it.

The Japanese Mediaeval short stories are being beaten into shape. I've three different markets for them which is good. I work from the best paying to the worst and think fondly of the 1990s when payment was much better. Journals which paid four or five hundred dollars a story now pay $25!

The novel has had a plot hiccough and I've had to go back and rejig a bit. All in a good cause It should be an improvement. It's hard to keep remembering that I'm writing Uplit and must keep the plot hopeful. I'm not used to simple plot twists.

The winter blues are certainly hanging round with the grey wet weather we keep having. We have mild wet spells, we have cold wet spells and then we have deluges. All very tedious when we need a bit of cheering. Having lived through the Cold War and the threat of nuclear bombs hanging over one's head I am finding that Putin, Trump, Brexit and idiot PMs in Brazil and the Philippines added to North Korea and the Middle East and I'm back worrying about nuclear war. A dash of sunlight would cheer me up.

Being an Indie writer means half my writing time has to be taken up with PR and sales. Time away from what I prefer! I just wish a writer’s life really was what I hope it will be.








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