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November 2018

The new intelli mouse has cured my computer of its paste and delete naughtiness. Not the unexpected wobbles though. Do I delete files because the poor thing is loaded to two third capacity? Do I find a new one to buy? Sigh. I hate dealing with computers.

Beginning to find my way around Kobo. I like their system and have released all three novels with them. They are not exclusive like Amazon, thank goodness. I am also removing print books from POD with Createspace, which is vanishing anyway, and going completely with IngramSpark. I like their books and printing system. They are also available in Australia which is closer to New Zealand than the USA and so postage costs are halved. I must set the novels up with them this week.

I've just finished a letter to the editor of the local newspaper about our swimming pool access. Retired people are being told that they must swim after 10 a.m. and before 3.30 p.m. as there are too many of us at 6 a.m. The comment was that as we didn't work we could come later!!! Howls of outrage from the group. I would think half of us are in paid employment of the 9 - 5 sort. Their lunch times are short or non-existent so they cannot swim then. All of us are exercising because of doctors' orders. All of us are the volunteers who keep this town running. We do the leg work in the library, the museum, the art gallery, the food bank, the meals on wheels, the home visits, and all those charity groups. We need that 6 a.m. slot as much as the swimming team and the younger keep fit group. Hopefully we'll get a compromise and one more lane to swim in.

A couple of short stories have been sent off to competitions and editors. I'm enjoying playing with my Japanese historical knowledge (very little) but backed up by all the museum notes and pamphlets I collected in Japan as well as the photographs I took. It means I can write more lavish stories as far as description and language go because the reader needs more to follow the plot.

The novel creeps along again. I have a dull patch to get my heroine over which means dull for the reader. I am scrambling around trying to see what could happen to liven the plot for us all. I hate writing dull stuff as it bores me too! But I can only think of two rather nasty incidents and worry about them being too nasty. The last two sections of the book are ready in my head and it's always the linking parts which drive me nuts.

The fuss at church rumbles on. It is emotionally draining and holds up my writing. Some evenings I'm just ready to escape into someone else's book just to escape the atmosphere and tension in my head. Really vicars should at least try to practice what they preach! Already there are hints of groups and sub-groups all wanting one thing -a new vicar! There'll be a petition to the bishop next. I'm being egged on to write a short story about one particular episode and get it into the radio story slot. Have to say I'm tempted as the fee is excellent.

Summer weather has arrived early. Already there's talk of drought. I have discovered that I can, just by catching the cold water as it comes through before the hot in the shower and kitchen, save as much as two buckets a day. My trees will be grateful for that if this hot weather does continue.
































































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