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October 2018

I swear my computer is 'alive' with a mean spirited gremlin inside it. Again this month I have tried to get my website updated and again I have been foiled by the refusal of the computer to publish from Dreamweaver to the website. The number of attempts to get each page saved and published to the website is a disgrace. I am too short of time as I am in demand for so many volunteer programmes and I need to get out and have a 'life'. But writing suffers when I can't get the allotted time slots to write in. Of course my IT experts all go "Oh Mum!!! You're not doing it right." But I am. The time wasting frustration of this wretched computer scares me. And the intelli mouse is not working properly. I lost the entire novel this morning. The darned thing selected the whole 50,000 words and not one sentence. Fortunately the undo tab worked.

Still gloating over the new cover for Jacob's Justice. Zoe did a great job. Now I have to find time to do a text edit. Hah! Still the new novel is now half way through and I have made a list of all the nasty things which are to happen to my poor heroine. Hopefully she will rise to meet them all with some success. I am never short of ghastly things to do to my characters as the human race is so unpleasant on the whole, and apart from the local examples I shall use - remember my terrible neighbour? -some of the things he did will make good incidents, as will the news snippets I've found in the Oamaru Mail and Otago Daily Times of 1898/9 and 1900. Papers Past is a marvellous collection of our New Zealand newspapers online and is full of amazing stories. I like going into our museum archives best as there is nothing quite like turning the actual pages of the Mail for March 4th 1898. I found some amazing adverts of things my characters can use. I especially like the saddle you can buy out of which you cannot fall!

Found another market - one which only takes handwritten letters. Love the idea so will have to try and write one. I still use a fountain pen so it will be a pleasure to get out my Japanese hand-made paper and compose something special for them. The flash fiction has found homes, not well paying alas. How is a writer expected to live on $5 for a story? It's my beef about New Zealand markets, most of them don't pay and I refuse to be published for the 'glory' of it. I have to pay the bills somehow.

Voracious Readers Only is still doing me proud with reviews. It's the best system I ever found for getting email addresses and reviews. Worth the monthly fee which I will have to stop shortly as it's Christmas post time for parcels to family overseas. Goodness, how expensive that is. I'm waiting for a 'Beam me up' system to arrive.

Sat with some eco-friends after helping with the volunteers planting more NZ native trees on the cliffs and discussed the new report on the dangers of the 1.5 degree temperature rise and how much faster and more dangerous the climate change has become. We're all of an age and we sat there swearing because all we could say was 'I told you so.' We've been struggling for years to get people to listen, to get individuals to do little things to help, and yet we still have people demanding plastic bags at the supermarket and my wretched dentist won't give me a bamboo toothbrush instead of the plastic one she hands out. And don’t start me on that idiot Trump and the general folly of the human race. I am so glad I am a Martian.

































































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