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May 2018

May madness. So much to do. The May book sale for us all in Writer's Choice. And it takes a lot of organising. Ebooks on sale from May 25th until May 29th. Print books reduced.

I am definitely getting old and grumpy! I am now yelling at the radio, our respected National radio, every time I hear someone say Monday through Friday. How can you go through Friday? It's not a door. Deal to has become universal, no one now distinguishes between dealing with problems and dealing things to people! I've even heard gotten creep in! It is such an ugly word and a lazy word. We have many verbs which give a stronger and clearer picture. And I really wonder at people's paucity of vocabulary when they can only say likely that and do not know how to use probably! Shame on the radio presenters for allowing so much lazy poor American speech to sneak into our lovely New Zealand English. I even heard different than! Shame on those murdering our special version of English.

Sold a whole lot of flash fiction. Lovely news, especially as the editors all paid me. Entered a couple more short story competitions and am half way through the novel as I see it. That is not to say that the characters agree. I was aiming for 80 to 90 thousand words. Melisande is a bit of a madam though and I dread finding myself belting past 100,00 words at her behest.

































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