rowan tree blossom


The Archbishop has soothed my ruffled feathers. He can't instruct the bishop and vicar to be sensible but he welcomes a diverse range of services in a parish and can encourage them. Apparently he encourages the bishops who are then to encourage the vicars. Well, I can't see our bishop doing much. Sad but true, so he will leave us with a slattern and unsatisfactory services and yet more people leaving. The congregation has diminished so that if you count only those who have come to a church service there are fewer than 10, the others in the congregation have a duty to perform. And the pleasant community has vanished as the power freaks have found that the vicar loves them it they hate me and any other objector who dares raise their head. All sorts of nasty little spites are happening. I keep praying for a few of those old fashioned thunderbolts or another flood because the human race really doesn't seem worth saving.

Writing those Japanese stories has been a pleasure. I have several characters and plots waiting to be given life. As it's spring and the cherry blossom is out - seems like every other house has a flowering cherry tree and a magnolia backed up by flowering plums and almonds - well my thoughts turn to my memories of Japan . And then there's the Rugby World Cup! It's the unique Japanese scents I miss - tatami matting and rice paddies especially.

The novel is being patched and stitched together and it's much better. It has finally found itself. It's taken long enough for the wretched thing to find its proper shape. And I'm having fun with the villain and his nasty tricks. I look forward to the master class I'm attending at the end of the month when I go to Sydney and the HNSA conference. It's a class in writing mysteries and villains by a well known mystery writer. It should be entertaining and a good break away from petty nastiness which is so emotionally draining..

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