rowan tree blossom

April 2019

March never happened, and I think so many of us wish it hadn't happened. My computer and my website wouldn't talk to each other and it's taken most of the month to sort it out. But it will take longer to sort out the disbelief, anger, and fury in my head. The madman who gunned down 50 praying Muslims and wounded another 39 is to be nameless. Thanks to our gutsy Prime Minister even the media refer to him as the accused or the man. He will get nothing in the way of publicity and though his name has to be mentioned in court that's about the only place. His victims, though, are well named and honoured. We've been led by our Prime Minister and she proved for us that what she said when she was elected, that there would be changes because the world had to change and learn to care.


My own community held remembrance services for those killed. We had prayers and flowers and candles in every church, in the front of the court house and the council multicultural centre. We still have people meeting to remember or doing some kindness for our own small Muslim group in town. The best thing though is that most people will now speak out if they hear or see any racist behaviour. Casual talk and unfunny jokes are now called and that's making those flap jaws think and watch their tongues. And the average Kiwi who was a bit careful about being emotional is now opening up and even giving everyone hugs. Nice!

Writing life has been frantically busy. but so has ordinary life. I've worked at short stories, three off to market today, done my usual end of month columns for Writing Magazine and have pushed on with the novel. It's getting to the last third, that lovely slope where writing is so much easier because the novel finally makes sense. The characters have kicked up their heels and sorted out a different plot line, but it's better than the one I intended - I think!

The winter veg are ready to plant, the fruit trees have all been fed and put to bed for the winter. The tubs of geraniums and begonias have been cut back, fed and put to bed for the winter. And today April brought in a southerly and our lazy Autumn sun vanished, the temperature dropped over night by ten degrees, and I'm hunting up warm woolly sweaters.
March was hell and I hope April will be easier.

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