rowan tree blossom

May 2017

The 'Bittersweet' launch was terrific. We had a great party, lots of delicious nibbles and drinks, and a crowd of cheerful book lovers all coming to hear the struggle it had been to get the Quality Fiction award for 'Bittersweet'. They loved the idea that 'Bittersweet' had been labelled 'historical pornography' in an earlier draft. Some kind readers bought a copy, and some readers also bought copies of my colleagues' books. That's what being part of Writer's Choice is about, supporting each other.

The e-book sale of all my novels was a mad five days but Bittersweet and Tizzie squeezed into the Amazon top 100 during the sale. The short stories have been going out as flash fiction to several online markets and a couple of competitions. The new novel is struggling between that nagging Quaker girl and a local New Zealand story. I might get the New Zealand story out as a novella. Currently I am reading letters and diaries set around the Boer War in my local province, Otago. There are some fascinating stories and lovely little details but I'd better watch it and check with families who were first in settlers to Oamaru and still live here. No digging up of skeletons which might hurt people's feelings, but then I write fiction, imagined and created in my writer's brain so there's no problem that way.

The new hips still ache a bit at night, a sure sign to slow down a bit. The knee is now on a list for replacement, but my back is not happy. Now I can stand up straight again and walk properly it has decided to protest. It is a sure sign of that wretched arthritis but I am enjoying the pain free hips and the increased mobility.

Writing conferences loom. The Australasian Historical writers' conference in September, the New Zealand Indies Book Fair in November. I look forward to them. I don't know that our NZSA is going to run another one this year. Hope not as it is more expensive to attend it than the Austrlaian one!

As it's May I've dug out my Koi Nobori and invaluable Gerry the builder helped me sort them out then he put them up. They are flying from their pole over my front drive much to bemusement of my neighbours who don't know Japanese boys' day customs. It is typical that the wind needed to make them stream out and swim in the air has dropped. Still they do make a colourful splash in the street.

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