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The HNSA Conference acted like a tonic. As did discovering a certain Anglican Canon of behaviour the bishop will be hearing about. Otherwise it's full steam ahead for writing and selling as many stories as possible so that I can go to the Iceland Writers and Readers retreat next May.

The Japanese stories are slowly developing. I am at the editing stage where I can't see the words for the sentences. I know what I've written so that's what I see. Alas it often isn't what's on the paper. The stories need to settle for another month and then they should be ready, after a Beta readers' read, for editors.

November is always a crowded month as it's year end for everyone and, of course, our summer holidays. Bang Christmas in the middle of this and life become hellish. I've four or five end of year dos to sort out, and all my duties to finish off. The biggest November event is the Victorian Fete. Our town holds its Victorian Festival in mid-November and as I’m volunteering in the library , art gallery and museum I’m supposed to wear Victorian costume. Oamaru is notable for its wonderful white limestone and the many grand buildings built of this stone in Victoria’s era, which escaped the’60s ‘modernising’ demolitions and have been restored to their Classical splendours. I've got my costume ready this year. I shall be trotting around in an 1890s lady’s walking/sporting outfit, boater, blazer, waistcoat, high neck pintuck blouse, and straight skirt in dashing cream and red stripes. My elegant Victorian evening dress in silk is not day wear and I have no partner for the weekend ball – one must have a partner or no ticket! I'm tempted to turn the dress into something else so that it will be wearble.

The novel has almost reached the stage of turning all the patches into a whole quilt. The villain has developed into a loathsome and disgusting character. That master class at the HNSA Conference in Sydney contributed many ideas. It’s so good to have other writers to talk problems with and have their input.

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