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Bittersweet by p.d.r. lindsay

Bryce Ackerman returns home from a business trip to Vienna expecting to marry his beloved Aimée. But she is pregnant. This is 1872 and Bryce is a Victorian gentleman who doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. Aimée is distraught. So-called officers and gentlemen, on leave, visitors to her home, have been making a game of rape. They have been running a competition to see which regiment’s junior officers could score the most sexual conquests, that is rape the most young women, in their own homes.

Bryce, for personal reasons as well as an outraged sense of the injustice, attempts to chase down the officers. They have returned to their regiments in India. Bryce follows them intent on revenge for Aimée, and justice for all the victims, but it is no easy commission. The officers will do anything to escape retribution and Bryce has to survive in the exotic and erotic atmosphere of India. It is an assignment which tests his own sexuality and his ability to put personal vengeance on one side and secure justice for all.


I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. This was a really sad but interesting story about a group of army officers and soldiers who broke the trust of the people who's homes the visited in friendship. A competition to defile young women. When one gentleman comes home from Vienna to his fiancee to find her pregnant, by rape and finds it has happened too far too many girls, he ventures to India to track the men responsible down and bring them to justice. Set in 1872 you can imagine the complex situation he will become embroiled in. P.D.R. Lindsay writes a very thought provoking story that shows some of these issues are still happening today



A Goodreads review. Thank you Angela.

So far the novel has collected a lot of 5 star reviews without a written review. 4.7 stars out of 5 is the average of the ratings. The written reviews are 5 and 4 stars. It is pleasing that readers appreciate a story about a tricky subject. Again I regretfully look at making a new cover. All this PR stuff and readers wanting books by an author to have a similar, recognisable look to them creates pressure to update all the covers. I liked this cover too. Now the task is to find a decent cover artist I can afford and whose work I like.


‘A most unusual story, difficult at times but ending in hope.’
The Library reading group

Bittersweet is slowly collecting good reviews. Here's a part of a great one from the Quick Book Review blogspot:

Looking at everything from A to Z, Bittersweet is a book that definitely deserves some more recognition. It has a truly fascinating and enthralling world, interesting and memorable characters, a story that entertains you with its twists but also makes you contemplate on some of the darker aspects of the human condition, namely lust, violence and power. The premise is delivered in a unique way that really makes the novel stand out from its counterparts, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-notch historical drama seasoned with mystery and vengeance.

The Voracious Readers Only group has been busy reading Bittersweet and writing reviews. Find them at Goodreads on the Bittersweet page.

Thank you to the authour and Voracious Readers Only for the complimentary copy.
A sensitive and disturbing topic written with sensitivity.

And a review from Teamgolfwell.

I enjoyed reading “Bittersweet” by P.D.R. Lindsay which a very thought-provoking work written by an excellent writer. Bryce is a man on a mission in this 1872 story which goes through hot and erotic India. Bryce is searching for men who wrecked his life and his fiancé life. Yet the story turns to show his human side and he uses his discipline, self-control and purpose, and the author shows this very refreshingly and realistically vs the vengeful super heroes in books and movies today.
The author handles rape delicately and thoughtfully for the reader. The story also shows the cruelty and callousness of others. It left me with a lasting impression that these types of historical events happened and continue to happen and left me with understanding on why this author chose to write about the courage of one man on a mission to right a wrong.
I’ve never been to India yet somehow, I feel I’ve been there after reading this excellent book by this intelligent author.
An excellent and entertaining ending to a very special book.

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The Wishing Shelf reviews are in. 15 readers reviewed and judged the novel. 'Bittersweet' earned Editing: 8/10, Writing Style: 8/10, Content: 7/10, Cover: 5/10.
12 would read another book by this author. 6 thought the cover was good or excellent. 15 felt it was easy to follow. 12 would recommend this story to another reader to try. 8 felt the author’s strongest skill was ‘plotting a story’. 7 felt the author’s strongest skill was ‘developing the characters’. 13 felt the pacing was good or excellent. 12 thought the author understood the readership and what they wanted.
Their Comments
‘Well-rounded characters living in a well-research historical setting. The plot was intense, and the rape was delicately handled.’ Female reader, aged 29

‘Bryce is by far the most interesting character. I loved how he sticks to his morals and fights so hard to do what he thinks is right. With a well-described and often fascinating setting, this was an excellent read for me.’ Female reader (editor), aged 67

‘Loved this historical novel. Went to India many years ago; crazy place but I did recognize the culture in the story. To be honest, it’s not changed that much since this story was set!’ Male reader (publisher), aged 51

‘A rather interesting novel in many way. Note to author: the blurb on Amazon reads a little clumsy. However, the plot is good, the characters well-defined, and the pacing, for the most part, excellent. The cover didn’t do it for me. It looked a little too amateurish.’ Female reader. aged 53

‘I enjoyed all of this novel, but it was the end I enjoyed the most. Slow to start, the pacing improved in the middle, and, finally, it finished off with a belter of an ending. Good writer.’ Male reader, aged 66

To Sum It Up:
‘A fascinating story of revenge set in 1872 India.’ The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

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