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Jacob's Justice

'Jacob's Justice' by p.d.r.lindsay

It's 1642, and mighty England is tearing itself apart. Twenty-three year-old lawyer Jacob Emerick, the youngest son of the Merchants Emerick, shipping owners, is sent on a lawyer's mission to save the family's gold and ships - and perhaps tilt the tide of England's war. He leaves the great city of London for the beguiling charm of a small Puritan town in Kent, where he must negotiate with lenders prepared to seize everything the family owns. Corrupt King Charles wants the family's fortune, and loyalists to the King will do anything to help their despot.

His journey barely begun, at a resting place on the trail Jacob finds the dead body of the lawyer with whom he was to work. It's a plain case of murder, and Jacob becomes the prime suspect. Jacob must free himself from that charge, and fend off the treachery of Lady Fowke, staunch supporter of the King, as well as the attempts of bigoted Puritans to take control of the Emerick ships.

Jacob navigates through his own unlikely affair of the heart with the beautiful Lovelady, who holds one of the keys to the success of his mission and the attentions of other loyalist thugs who ravage and murder innocent Puritans at will. In a few short months Jacob sheds the easy bravado of privileged youth and become a deep thinker, powerful fighter, and his own man.

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