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'Wild Colonial Girl' by p.d.r.lindsay

What? Leave India? Move to the colonies and make a new life there? Melisande, appalled, gazed at her brother and fiancée. She loved her life in India. She'd been cossetted, loved and happy there. Of course the plague meant a radical change, but they could still live on the family's small estate couldn't they? But, no. Brother Jeri didn't want to live in India, neither did fiancée Richard. Both young men, filled with excitement at the thought of adventure in the colonies, were determined to go, and Melisande must go with them. Her life turned upside down, rushed into her wedding, onto a ship and off to Australia, and finally New Zealand, Melisande has to learn how to run a home and cope with colonial New Zealand, a life so different from her Indian one. Can she make a home and a life as happy as her Indian one?

Reviews - I do love lovely reviews.

1st. 'p.d.r. lindsay succeeds in such a way that on finishing the book I was surprised to find that I was, in fact, still in the twenty-first century, and not back in the nineteenth century, so wrapped up was I in the story.' Beta reader review

2nd. 'I finished your book about a week ago and I really enjoyed reading it! Sometimes I feel like Melisande – poor girl! – was talking to me and she did make me laugh.'

3rd Thank you again for your interest in our website. We read and reviewed your book and enjoyed it very much. Here is a copy of our review - Five Stars
The premise is delivered in a unique way that really makes the novel stand out from its counterparts, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-notch historical drama seasoned with a touch of mystery and a good pinch of humour.

4th 'The synopsis of this story does not do it justice. There is so much more intensity to this story that is not discovered until you start to read it..... A wonderful read with mystery and drama but nothing too heavy or dark. Delightful and engaging. I highly suggest you give this book a try and feel warm from such a tender and curious read.'

And still more good reviews keep coming.

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